5 Ways to Save Money Using the MoneyWYN iPhone App

By J. T. Do you worry about money? If you are like a lot of people these days, the chances are that you do. The fact is that we all worry about money in some way, shape, or form. The truth is that even rich guys like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett likely worry about money in some way. Now, I’ll bet that the way that they worry about it is on a different level than you or me, but … Continue reading

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ValueTracker App: Save Money on Groceries

The Tracking list is the most powerful feature of ValueTracker. It is a chronological list of all the price and size data you record for a product. From this list you’ll be able to determine a store’s sale cycle for each product. Let’s say you’ve been tracking and updating the cost of a 14.5 ounce can of diced tomatoes for several months. It has a regular price of $0.99 but a check of the Tracking list shows that about once … Continue reading

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Pay Off Debt App: 4 Ways It Can Save You Money

You finally have reached the point where you are sick and tired of the debts that you have and you’re determined to begin working on reducing it. There are many excellent reasons to get out of debt: financial freedom, a dramatic drop in stress, and peace of mind to name just a few. One problem that many people have is finding an easy and effective way to track their debt so that they can see the progression of their debt … Continue reading

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DataSaver App Save Money on Your Data Plan

Unless you are one of the lucky wireless subscribers with a grandfathered data plan, chances are you are paying on average $80/$15 a month for your smartphone bill. And for that kind of money, you are getting about 3GB worth of data. Now, like most people, you are probably never going over your 3GB — not even close. But the next-lower-cost data plan, at $30, is only 200MB. There is a big difference between 200MB and 3GB, and obviously going … Continue reading

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MoneyTrail App: Saving Money for Parents & Teaching Kids about Money

All parents are aware that kids can be very expensive. From the very beginning, we understand that there will be certain unavoidable costs, such as food, medical care, education and clothing. However, as kids get older, there are certain unplanned costs that develop, such as school trips, sports equipment, allowance, band instruments, football games, cars, birthday gifts, parties and spending money for your teen. These unplanned costs can add up to make a significant dent in your family budget. However, … Continue reading

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Saving Money with Apps

There was a time when phones were simply a convenient way to have a conversation with your family and friends from your house. Those days are long gone by. There was even a time when cell phones were used simply to talk to another person (when you happened to be able to get service), but again, those days are now history. Today smart phones are a powerful min computer that can help you with every portion of your life. One … Continue reading

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