DataSaver App Save Money on Your Data Plan

Unless you are one of the lucky wireless subscribers with a grandfathered data plan, chances are you are paying on average $80/$15 a month for your smartphone bill. And for that kind of money, you are getting about 3GB worth of data. Now, like most people, you are probably never going over your 3GB — not even close. But the next-lower-cost data plan, at $30, is only 200MB. There is a big difference between 200MB and 3GB, and obviously going over the 200MB would negate any savings.

Enter DataSaver. DataSaver, an Android application from Devicescape, connects you to the Devicescape virtual WiFi network. Because the Devicescape virtual WiFi network has more than 8 million hotspots, DataSaver will connect to WiFi in locations you wouldn’t necessarily think of checking for WiFi. For example, not only will DataSaver connect you to WiFi at Home Depot, Safeway, Whole Foods, Starbucks and many more major venues, DataSaver will also connect you at millions of local establishments such as your neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant. DataSaver connects you automatically, so you don’t have to think about login or accepting those annoying terms and conditions before you can access the Internet. DataSaver takes care of that for you. You just go about your business, shopping or ordering your coffee, and DataSaver does its thing quietly in the background.

This means that all of a sudden, you are saving data since WiFi data does not count against your wireless data plan. Based on where you live and your daily habits, you can save a lot of data. So much data, in fact, that you may be able to switch to that lower-priced data plan without having to worry about going over your cap.

DataSaver has another feature that allows you to monitor your data usage both over WiFi and over 3G/4G. You can even enter your data plan information and monitor how much of it you actually use. Here is the trick: You can enter the lowest data plan your carrier offers (such as the 200MB already mentioned) and monitor it for a couple of months. If you are like most DataSaver users, you will find out that most of your data consumption is now WiFi data and that you can live comfortably with the lower data plan. This is when you call your wireless carrier and switch your subscription to the lower, cheaper data plan!

DataSaver app

As noted before, your mileage may vary based on your environment. But DataSaver is a free app and is free to use, so there is absolutely no risk in trying it. You can download DataSaver from Google Play.

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